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The Old Spanish Trail Cultural Corridor was designated by Texas Commission on the Arts in the beginning of 2019. The purpose of the TCA cultural corridors program is to encourage and promote the arts for energizing the economy, businesses, and tourism.

Our OST Cultural Corridor is 2.5 miles beginning at Hildebrand and Fredericksburg road, then going down to North Flores and Savings Street, ending at the world renowned Artpace founded by the late Linda Pace.

The OST CC mission is to promote and sustain this area of Fredericksburg Road to North Flores focusing on existing and new arts organizations, artists, businesses, and highlighting legacy establishments that are located along the trail.

The OST CC website has been built to be inclusive of the 7 surrounding neighborhoods that are Monticello, Jefferson / Woodlawn Lake, Keystone, Beacon Hill, Alta Vista, and 5 Points which the OST CC navigates. Synergy and alliances are critical to collaboration which will enrich this area as a whole.

From businesses to arts groups to historic neighborhoods, residents of San Antonio, and tourists seeking authentic experiences will not be surprised at the depth of history that the Old Spanish Trail Cultural Corridor encompasses. Not only does the OST CC have history from the early 1800’s but it also has emerging new vibrant small businesses that give San Antonio its vibe in a big way.

The Local Sense of businesses with the arts make for an incredibly rich corridor that is a must see and must experience area of San Antonio.

Traverse the trail, experIence autheNticity 

“where the edge and legacy meet”

The History

The Old Spanish Trail - THen and Now
The History of the OSTCC

On the backs of horses and on foot, in the 1700’s the Conquistadores begin to forge the trail that went from Florida to California. The midway point, San Antonio has been a stopping and starting point of much travel that occurred by wagons drawn by mules to take goods to town from the surrounding farms and ranches.

The 1800’s wagon trains and stagecoaches came thru San Antonio, with one two story house still standing on our OST CC being a stagecoach inn.  Across from the stagecoach inn at 1108 N Flores, the Declaration of Mexico was written by Venustiano Carranza, leader of the Mexican Revolution and eventually President of Mexico in 1917. You will find a Texas Historical Marker there today in commemoration.

In 1919 after the cars and travel were more prevalent, San Antonio’s Gunter Hotel was chosen as the location for the Old Spanish Trail Association, which was one of the first groups planning an interstate highway from St Augustine to New Orleans.  They named the association after the Spanish explorers which kept the legacy alive.

There have been several commemorations, since with one in 2004 commemorating a 100-year centennial by the City of San Antonio and Bexar County.

The centennial celebrations can be seen on the OST100 website below. 

OST CC designated in 2019 by the Texas Commission on the Arts recognizes the rich history of the Old Spanish Trail’s businesses, arts, neighborhoods which is authentic and cherished by its residents.

Old Spanish Trail Centennial
More information about the history of the Old Spanish Trail is available from the Old Spanish Trail Centennial Celebration Association.

Expolore the OST Neighborhoods

Monticello Park Neighborhood

Monticello Park Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization.  The homes of Monticello Park are an extraordinary collection of architecture; Revival styles, English Tudor, Spanish Colonial, Greek, Italianate, Neoclassical, Mission,…

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Keystone Neighborhood

Keystone Park Historic District is comprised of the 1400 and 1500 blocks of W. Rosewood and W. Lynwood on the city’s near northwest side. The historic district was passed by an ordinance of City Council in August 2009 and is San Antonio’s 25th lo…

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Jefferson Neighborhood

The Jefferson Neighborhood is located in the near northwest part of San Antonio’s central business district. Nearby is Woodlawn Lake, another area rich in history dating back to the mid 1800’s. The neighborhood is home to Jefferson High School, which…

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Woodlawn Neighborhood

Woodlawn is one of San Antonio’s oldest neighborhoods that surrounds the beautiful Woodlawn Lake. It is full of prominent business you can find variety of San Antonio’s favorite snacks such as nachos and mangonadas. Woodlawn Lake is also home to a va…

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Beacon Hill Neighborhood

Beacon Hill is a Neighborhood Conservation District in San Antonio, Texas. We have a community garden, a neighborhood linear park, and a large number of public art installations. We have arguably the highest concentration of bungalows in the city, as…

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Alta Vista Neighborhood

The Alta Vista and Beacon Hill neighborhoods are two of several unique older neighborhoods that evolved during San Antonio’s first and greatest expansion, which began in the 1850s and continued with few interruptions until the Great Depression of t…

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Five Points Neighborhood

Located north of downtown, bounded by San Pedro Avenue, Interstates 10 and 35, and San Pedro Springs Park, Five Points is one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Antonio.

Among the most walkable neighborhoods next to downtown, Five Points is histor…

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