El Paraiso Ice Cream

1934 Fredericksburg Rd

About El Paraiso Ice Cream

Keystone Neighborhood

Since 1984, El Paraiso Ice Cream has been creating delicious ice cream and fruit bars. El Paraiso Ice Cream is the original paleta company in San Antonio Texas.

Paletas are a frozen concoction dessert. The many flavors of El Paraiso Ice Cream are influenced by the culture of Guadalajara, Zacatecas, and Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Our original homemade recipes were perfected in Chicago, Illinois. Therefore, El Paraiso Ice Cream flavors range from most popular to the most unique, but always holding the American standard.

El Paraiso Ice Cream is proud to offer the most fresh and healthiest paletas in the market. El Paraiso Ice Cream prepares ice cream and fruit bars from the most simple and natural ingredients. Ice cream bars are made from fruit and milk. Fruit bars are made from only fruit.