GG’s Emporium

1714 Blanco Rd #1716, San Antonio, TX 78212

About GG’s Emporium

Beacon Hill Neighborhood

GG’s Emporium is owned by Evelyn Menchaca. Her and her husband, Ty Menchaca, run the small nostalgia, pop culture shop located in the central part of San Antonio. About 10 years ago Evelyn and Ty started clearing out some of their collection out at Traders Village flea market. What started off as a downsizing soon became a good source for supplemental income. Evelyn was a full time student and was taking care of her sick mother plus raising 2 boys and didn’t have time for a full time job. She quickly decided that she could make this side hustle a more permanent source of income. 4 years ago she decided to look into a brick and mortar location. She found a little location off Blanco Rd. in San Antonio with help of some friends. With hard work she worked a few days a week selling vintage and antique items plus comics and collectibles. Just when she felt she was getting into the strides of things a global pandemic hit and changed all plans. While everyone was stuck at home Evelyn and Ty worked harder than they had before selling items on Etsy and clearing out items they no longer wanted to carry in their shop through a live auction on instagram. At the same time that the pandemic hit they had an opportunity to expand the little shop to over double its size. In the past couple of years Ty was able to quit his job and work full time with Evelyn at GG’s Emporium. They didn’t just build the shop they always wanted but they built a community. GG’s Emporium has become a place where collectors, nerds, and fans come to shop and mingle. Its amazing to see how customers have started their own businesses and watch other customers support these businesses. GG’s Emporium wasn’t just built by Ty and Evelyn but was built by friends and fans of vintage toys, monsters, and nostalgia. Evelyn and Ty wanted a shop filled with all the things they loved, toys that bring back good memories, and the monsters from the golden age of cinema. On top of an ever changing inventory of collectibles, GG’s Emporium is also home to products made by over 20 local artists and makers.