Jewel of Art Dance Studio

1909 Fredericksburg Rd

About Jewel of Art Dance Studio

Monticello Park Neighborhood

In 1925, the building at 1909 Fredericksburg Road, known then as the beautiful Parkmoor Drugstore, was considered one of the first shopping centers in the community.

Its architectural design was the 1920’s Colonial Revival style. It clearly was a magnificent piece of art, considered the “Jewel” of its time. Similar designs eventually shaped the development of the Monticello Park, which became one of the most desirable areas in the 1920’s throughout the 1970’s. Unfortunately, in the 1980’s the south half of the building was demolished and left abandoned for more than three decades. The many years of neglect left the neighborhood locale severely stressed, and dilapidated.

Today, thanks to much hard work and team effort, the north side of the building has been restored to its unique state of grandeur. Currently, it is inhabited by The Jewel of Art Dance Studio. Its new title is well-suited for all of the building’s spectacular design. The Jewel of Art is proud to be a part of the Monticello historical district. With great honor they continue the integrity and character of the building. This neighborhood hub will once again be a show stopper. The “diamond in the rough” will serve as the grand jewel for all to see, preserving its place in San Antonio history.