Scratch Kitchen

607 W Russell Pl, San Antonio
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About Scratch Kitchen

Alta Vista Neighborhood

Our bakery today is a place where friends old and new gather daily, and passerby take the time to admire all the beauty and all the quirks of our old Victorian home. Our amazing bakers toil to create the pillowy danish, aromatic breads, mouth-watering quiche, and other baked goods that you can enjoy here each morning. All of this from humble beginnings…

I opened the original Scratch Kitchen in Edinburg, Texas in 2014. My dad (a former Navy food specialist, lifelong cook, and my biggest fan) and I worked hard to make it happen. From our sparsely equipped kitchen with a small storefront, we baked goods inspired by my parents’ recipes and we created menu items featuring fresh, wholesome ingredients and creative flavors. The business bloomed.

After getting married, Jack and I relocated Scratch Kitchen to San Antonio. We’ve begun slowly restoring the historic property that houses the bakery, and we’ve worked to expand our catering and wholesale services. We’re hands-on owners, and we are blessed to have so many returning customers who feel more like friends and family these days. We could not have asked for a better home for Scratch.

Sweetest regards from your humble baker,